The evolution of e-commerce in 2021: health crisis and trends, what are the impacts?

More than ever, e-commerce has been at the center of attention. For obvious reasons, many companies have digitalized their activities through an online business.

Online sales have been present on the market since the 90's and its functionalities have evolved with time but also with the ever-changing consumer habits.

The advantages of owning an online shop are numerous and the initial investment is often quickly paid back. The diversified and adaptable offer of several online websites allows each and everyone one to find the most appropriate formula for their sector of activity.

Let's look back together on the main facts of this year.

1. Acquisition of new users

Before the health crisis, there were 2 categories among consumers: those who liked to order online and those who still preferred to go to a physical store.

The successive quarantines that we have experienced and the feeling of insecurity to be outside, have pushed people to review their consumption habits and start ordering products and services online.

In Belgium it is estimated that more than 220,000 people made an online purchase for the first time in 2020. This is a golden opportunity of course for all online sellers to gain new customers.

2. Diversified offer

When we talk about e-commerce, most people will think of buying actual products online. However, nowadays absolutely everything is available online, starting with services.

Many service providers have also been digitized and aim to make our lives easier and to connect faster to others and to our needs.

To make it short, nowadays an online presence is essential.

3. Ease of access

Having an online shop as a merchant has become more and more popular. Nowadays, many companies offer ready-to-use website constructions for all budgets and activities.

At Devcom-Media we offer a custom website or e-commerce construction service which includes the analysis of your market, your offer, and the competition to be able to give you a website with optimal functionalities that fit your activity.

The result? A complete and functional website, intuitive and efficient to allow you to make the most of your activity and increase your conversions.

4. Follow the trends

Customers and consumers have become more and more demanding. Your online presence can't just be. Your customers are looking for added value on your site and in your offers compared to the mountain of similar offers and competitors.

That's why your online website has to be as complete and interactive as a physical store, if the user doesn't directly understand the benefit of visiting your website, he won't last long.

This is why it is essential to use professionals to manage your e-commerce. At Devcom-Media, our employees are continuously trained in the new features and programs of website development.

Our marketing teams are also on the lookout for new marketing trends on the market to allow your customers to find your website and your offer easily.

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Ready to start your next project? Drop us a line or stop by our office. We are open for creative minds and collaboration!

Ready to start your next project? Drop us a line or stop by our office. We are open for creative minds and collaboration!